Relife RL-M5T-B3 0.7-5.0X Zoom Trinocular HD Stereo Microscope


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Relife RL-M5T-B3 0.7-5.0X Continuous Zoom Trinocular HD Stereo Microscope for Mobile Phone Repair

Clear imaging and simple operation, suitable for mobile phone repair/jewelry identification/production line inspection, etc
B3 large-size aluminum alloy base, guaranteed 100mm working distance, giving more operation possibilities
0.7-5.0X continuous zoom focusing, optical magnification 7-50 times
Large aperture, wide field of view, high-definition wide-angle, long-term use is not easy to fatigue
Supports diopter adjustment, adapts to people with different eye distances and can observe clearly even after taking off glasses, conforming to ergonomic design
Snap-on design, adjustable brightness, and strong concentration do not affect the operating space
The focus can be adjusted by rotating the focusing ring, stable optical properties and high optical uniformity, no halo when using, and clearer imaging
The high-definition coated objective lens, no glare, clear picture, and every small detail is manufactured by a multi-layer precision process

Package includes:
1 x Microscope
1 x Base B3

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