Dot Repairing Soldering Lug




Dot Repairing Solder Soldering Lug for iPhone Welding Board Flywire Replacement

2650 Dots for 1 Plate

Applicable for welding plates in various sizes
Repair dots quickly high efficient/stable
Increase maintaining efficiency
Various shapes and models of soldering lug
Applicable for dot-faded welding plates
To replace the traditional fly line. Seamless repairing
With the effect of the original welding plate. To beautify the plate with seamless repairing
After spot welding the Double-tiers mainboard, you can just place it or with the middle tier functional testing frame without any trifles of the circuitous fly line. Promote your maintaining efficiency
Rip off the covering layer. And repair your welding plates right now!
In maintaining industry, dots of welding plates frequently faded due to the dropping, shaking, or squeezing. (included telephone mainboard IC welding plates or middle-tired double-tiered mainboard/CPU/WIFI/Hard disk/big frequency/Touching IC and so on)
Make the welding plates more stable and recover the effect like an original one

Package includes:
1 x Dot Repairing Solder Soldering Lug

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