Universal EMMC ISP High Speed Adapter




High Speed Universal EMMC ISP Tool Adapter

Universal EMMC ISP Tool Adapter Adapter is compatible with Aqua Dongle UMT, UMT Pro, NCK Pro GSM Shield.Hydara Tool Miracle Tool

Supports numerous EMMC Chips / Qualcomm EMMC Devices
Read / Write / Wipe Any Partition
Dump / Format Userdata (in Safe Mode)
Reset Userlock on Vivo phones (without data loss)
Read / Write Full Dump
Read / Write SD card Dump Image
ISP Tool

Supported Functions

– AutoScan and Detect Chip Size
– Supports Virtually All EMMC Chips
– Read/Write/Wipe Any Partition
– Dump Userdata
– Format Userdata
– Format Userdata in Safe Mode
– Vivo Reset Settings
– Read/Write Full Dump
– Qualcomm EMMC Device Support
– Read/Write SDCARD Dump Image
– Work with any Hardware which is exposed under Disk Drives

Security Backup

– You can make security backup of device in single click

– It will make single backup file

– You can extract required partition if needed for other use

Security Restore

– Restore backup made with ISP Tool in a single click

– Customized restore option, you may choose what you need to restore

Support All Devices which you can connect using DATA0, CLK, CMD, VCCQ and VCC

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