Relife 4-in-1IP LCD IC & Flex Protection Repair Stencil Set




Relife RL-044 4-in-1 IP LCD Screen IC Tin Planting & Flex Cable Protection Repair Steel Stencil Set for iPhone 6S to 13 Series

LCD screen tin planting + cable protection
It is suitable for solving the problem of pop-up windows after replacing the screen, polishing the screen IC, protecting the cable from damage, real machine measurement, accurate tin planting, etc.
Transplant the screen IC of the original screen to the new screen, first put on a protective steel stencil, and polish off the chip on the new screen, which can effectively reduce the damage to the screen when transplanting the screen chip
Each mesh is proofread according to the original factory drawings to ensure that every solder joint cannot be missing
High-quality special steel is selected, which has good high-temperature resistance and metal fatigue resistance so that each tin point is heated evenly
The round and square precise hole position makes the solder balls more rounded and prevents the mesh holes from jamming the solder balls
Ultra-thin design, better fit of tin planting, continuous bending, and full toughness

Package includes:
1 x Tin planting steel stencil(for iPhone 6s to 13 Pro Max)
3 x Protection steel stencil(for iPhone 11 to 13 Pro Max)

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