iDFU GO QianLi Recovery for iOS




Introduction to QianLi iDFU Go

QianLi iDFU Go is a recovery tool specially designed for iOS devices, aiming to help users solve various problems such as device failure to start normally and system crashes. Its core feature is the ability to easily enter DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode, which is an important step in restoring your iOS device. Whether it is iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, QianLi iDFU Go can provide a simple and efficient solution.


QianLi iDFU GO Recovery for iOS


  • Enter the Recovery model within 2.8 secs
  • Auto switch to recovery mode when connected
  • Auto on-line upgrade available
  • Fast adapt to new ios system, new model convenient to upgrade
  • Modifying the phone without switching cable
  • Start modification while entering recovery mode
  • Enter the modification mode easily even with the malfunction button & touch.

Package includes:
1 x iDFU GO Recovery Adapter


Additional information

Weight.2 kg