Sunshine SS-5120 128-in-1 Precision S2 Alloy Steel Screwdriver Set

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Sunshine SS-5120 128-in-1 Precision S2 Alloy Steel Screwdriver Set

Easy to carry/Various repairs/Strong magnetic/120 kinds of adsorption batch heads
Aerospace technology-like appearance design, complete S2 batch heads, suitable for home use
A new type of strong magnetic switch design, compressive, waterproof, and moisture-proof, saving storage space
Detachable digital camera/watch/glasses/mobile phone/computer/tablet repair and disassembly and other equipment can be easily done
A total of 23 types of 120 precision bits, covering common models for daily home disassembly, maintenance, and disassembly are readily available
The head of the blade has a built-in strong magnet, which is easy to pull out and insert, and the magnetism is conducted to the batch head, which can easily suck up small screws
High-quality S2 alloy steel bits, hardness up to 60HRC, precise and durable, double surface sandblasting/sodium phosphate chemical treatment, anti-rust while ensuring high-precision bite screws of the bits, not easy to damage precision screws
Hard anodized, the surface of the handle is more beautiful and delicate, the handle is comfortable to hold, and it is in line with ergonomic design
Built-in bearing for better concentricity and smoother rotation
Fine tweezers, used for some relatively precise screws, which is convenient for maintenance and use
Universal extension hose, can disassemble screws with poor general angles, and can also connect electric screwdrivers, which greatly improves work efficiency and makes maintenance handier
Stainless steel spudger, can meet the disassembly of mobile phone CPU/SSD solid-state drive/flash memory/BGA and other chips
Anti-static double-ended spudger, carbon fiber hard rubber material, efficient disassembly
Fast magnetization/demagnetization, 10 times the magnetic force, stronger clamping, can be done in one-second demagnetization/magnetization
Universal card pickup needle, applicable to electronic digital products such as mobile phones/tablets

Package includes:
1 x Screwdriver Set

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