RT-15E Anti-Static Resistant Ceramic Fly Leads Tweezers




Relife RT-15E Anti-Static Resistant Ceramic Precision Fly Leads Tweezers for Mobile Phone Repair

Suitable for circuit board maintenance, digital maintenance, integrated circuit pins, precision small devices, small accessories, etc.
Easily clip hair, flying wires, electronic components, fine fluff, etc., and choose different specifications and models for different maintenance needs
The pointed tip is highly matched, the object is clamped with zero clearance, the 0.007mm jump wire is easily clamped, and the high-precision fit is not easy to fall
The tip is made of ceramic material, which is insulated without magnetic induction and has high-temperature resistance
It is suitable for acid and ultra-high temperature welding occasions, and can easily cope with maintenance places such as fine parts
Ergonomic design, non-slip pattern design, comfortable grip

Package includes:
1 x Tweezers

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