Relife SD-22E Precision Wireless Electric Screwdriver

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Relife SD-22E Precision Wireless Electric Screwdriver with 10 Screwdriver Bits

Exquisite and simple, with complete specifications, suitable for different maintenance requirements
High-quality motor, sufficient power, high energy efficiency ratio, speed up to 250R.P.M+10%, rotating bit concentricity s 0.2mm, stable output, fast screwing
The removable digital camera/watch/glasses/mobile phone/computer/tablet can be easily repaired and disassembled
The front section of the screwdriver has a built-in strong magnet, and the batch head is magnetically installed, which can be quickly removed and replaced and is easy to use
The mini body adopts an arc design, which conforms to the ergonomic design and is comfortable to grip, making it better controlled at work
Press with one finger for one second to get started, let go and stop immediately
The built-in rechargeable lithium battery has full power and long life. It uses the universal Type-C charging interface and can share the data cable with the latest electronic products, strong adaptability, convenient charging
High-quality S2 alloy steel bits, hardness up to 60HRC, precise and durable, double surface sandblasting/sodium, phosphate chemical treatment, rust-proof and high-precision bite screws, not easy to damage precision screws
The electric torque is up to 0.2N.m, and the manual can reach 4N.m, which can effectively sense the electric energy to fasten/unscrew, and the moment of manual loosening/tightening, so as to effectively protect the screws

Product Name: Precision Electric Screwdriver
Model: SD-22E
Net Weight: About 53g
Gross Weight: About 135g
Product Size: 180*20*19mm
Package Size: 205*65*33mm
Torque: Electric 0.2N.m/Manual 4N.m
Rotating Speed: 250r.p.m±10%
Power Supply: Super Lithium Electronic Capacitive Battery
Battery Capacity: 350mAh
Voltage: DC3.7V
Charging Parameter: DC 5V 1000mAh
Charging Time: 30 Minutes
Charging Interface: Type-C
Applicable Batch Size: H4*25mm

Package includes:
1 x Host
10 x batch Head
1 x Power Cord

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