Relife RL-724A High Precision Torque 5-in1 Screwdriver Set

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Relife RL-724A High Precision Torque Screwdriver Set for Mobile Phone Repair

Relife RL-724A torque screwdriver set prevents slipping due to excessive force, torque does not damage the machine
Suitable for disassembly and repair of most iPhone/Android and other telecommunications electronic equipment

Meet iPhone/Huawei/OPPO/VIVO and other multi-model dismantling and dismantling, easily solve the needs of mobile phone maintenance, and improve maintenance work efficiency
Extra hard S2 steel bit, the fit is as high as 95%, not afraid of slipping and not damaging the surface of the screw, durable
A powerful magnet is installed inside, which solves the defect that the old-fashioned screwdriver cannot absorb screws due to long-term use
Ergonomic design, comfortable grip, exquisite and meticulous, no matter which gesture is comfortable
Noise reduction bearing, after 10,000+tests, the quality is strictly controlled, the bearing does not freeze, and the duration of one rotation lasts for a long time
Anti-skid design, the rod is designed with a circular diamond texture, anti-slip concave, and a different anti-slip touch
Screwdriver case protects products from damage during transportation

Package includes:
5 x Screwdriver


Single pc also available  Price 1800 PK Rs  each

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