Relife RL-102 Insulated Ceramic U-shaped Shear Cutting Work




Relife RL-102 Insulated Ceramic U-shaped Shear for Mobile Phone Repair Cutting Work

Suitable for mobile phone repairs, cutting battery cables, etc.
High-quality materials Strong and sturdy Feel comfortable
The ceramic body is safe and insulated, resistant to high temperature, and can be used for special operations, suitable for mobile phone maintenance, cutting battery cables, etc.
High density, high hardness, almost no wear, no rust when wet, the hardness is around HRA90, second only to diamond
Comfortable hand feel, easy and convenient return spring
It can be used for daily handcrafting, fishing line cutting, paper cutting, etc., and can be easily carried around

Package includes:
1 x Ceramic U-shaped Shear

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Weight 0.2 kg