Kaisi K-310 Double Headed Crowbar High Toughness Blade Set

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Kaisi K-310 10-in-1 Double-Headed Crowbar High Toughness Blade Set for Mobile Phone Repair


  • The blade is made of special steel, laser cutting, manual polishing, moderate hardness, flexibility, comfortable feel, hardness, and toughness
  • Separation of dot matrix, glue removal from the bottom of the board, wire break assistance, removal of large chips
  • It is suitable for separating dot-matrix/board bottom glue removal/large chip removal/disconnection assistance, etc., to meet your maintenance needs
  • The blade is hardened, the cutting edge is ultra-thin, the slope on both sides is polished at the same time, and the blade is evenly stressed on both sides from thick to thin
  • Super toughness, better protection of mobile phone chips
  • With a universal handle, high-quality material selection, and a strong guarantee of product quality
  • Mobile phone repair commonly used blades, hard disk removal, removal of mobile phone chips, motherboard CPU layering

Package includes:

  • 1 x Handle
  • 10 x Blade
  • 1 x Disassembler

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