Relife-088 Tin-planted Universal Magnetic Base BGA Repair




Relife RL-088 Tin-planted Universal Magnetic Base for Mobile Phone BGA Soldering Repair

RL-088 tin-planted universal magnetic fixture, say goodbye to paper towel planting tin, which can be used for chip positioning and adhesive removal, and strong magnetic adsorption for tin planting
It has the characteristics of anti-static, strong magnetic adsorption, high-temperature resistance, steel plate weight gain, chemical corrosion resistance, etc
Multifunctional double-sided double-use, it is suitable for repairing motherboards of different shapes, general tin planting of various BGA chips, etc
Front side – suitable for all kinds of BGA chips; Reverse side – suitable for different shapes of motherboards
Various types of tin-planting stencils are commonly used, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of tinning on the bottom of the stencil due to heating and swelling
Multifunctional position adjustment, decompression protection, tin planting automatically balances the stencil and decompresses it, effectively protecting the chip and making it safer
New silicone material, high-temperature resistance without bulging, flame retardant, corrosion resistance
Insulating material, with good anti-collision / anti-skid / anti-acid properties, and wear-resistant and easy to clean
Embedded high-temperature magnets, strong magnetic adsorption, precise positioning, no offset, high-temperature magnetism unchanged
High hardness weight-added steel, strong anti-deformation ability, high-quality carbon steel material, not afraid of corrosion

Package includes:
1 x Magnetic Base